Farm Slot

Farm Slot is my favorite creation with a huge unrealized potential. Fram Slot was intended to be represented at ICE 2011. At than time usual 2D slots were not incredible, that is why we focused on development of unique features and gameplay. As farm games where players grow harvest were very popular on social platforms back then, we also chose a farm as a basis for the game.

In Farm Slot there are nine fruits and vegetables symbols. But the main feature is a separate Farm screen with nine empty patches. Every time a player wins three or more symbols combination, the player gets a seed of the winning symbol (pea, tomato, strawberry, etc.). The seed is planted into the patch by default and is a small Progressive Jackpot collected after a certain number of spins. Each plant has it's own number of spins after which the Progressive Jackpot is collected (15 spins for peas, 40 spins for a tomato, 125 spins for a strawberry, etc.). Thus up to nine independent Progressive Jackpots can be collected simultaneously. While a plant is growing (while Progressive Jackpot is being collected) a fertilizer symbol can appear on the Game Reels that multiplies the collected sum of each individual Progressive Jackpot by five at most. The player can switch off the automatic seed planting and choose the seeds he/she wants to plant into the patch (Initiate Progressive Jackpot).

Each Progressive Jackpot progress appears on the patch as a growing plant. That is why one can launch AutoSpin, pass to Farm screen and watch one's Progressive Jackpot grows and ripen as plants. As an entertaining part of the game there is a crow who reacts to spinning of the Reels and the player's wins and losses, and a Scarecrow who scares the crow. Bonus Game is a mini Wack-A-Mole game.