Freaky Cars

One of the last slots I had been working on was Freaky Cars. It was almost completed but was released when I had already left the company. That year Disney announced the release of Cars 2 and we decided to play on it and to release a racing theme slots. Our main target was to create recognizable Cars 3D car models so that not to face copyright issues. The fact that Disney won several settlements against the applicants claiming they have patented the idea of anthropomorphic racing cars supported our confidence. Unfortunately after I had left the company, a new management decided to change the car models into a more freaky style.

New Race Bonus and Triple Win features were implemented in these slots. Triple Win – in Free Spins the win triples. The effect of a spinning coin with X3 image and coins sprinkling animation at the moment of win were created for this mode.

Race Bonus is an update of the widely-used “Freaky Pot” feature - a Progressive Jackpot with multipliers. Contrary to other slots where a multiplier is an additional symbol on the Reels, here Freaky Pot was multiplied every 20 Spins depending on which car leads at the Checkpoint. Pressing “Show Race” button a player goes to a separate screen with a racetrack and nine competing cars. The cars are represented on the Game Reels by nine symbols. Each car has its own multiplier. Each time a player presses Spin a position of cars on the racetrack is generated randomly. If a player gets a winning combination, the car that corresponds to the combination gets ahead on the racetrack. Every 20 Spin, the cars cross the Check Point and the Freaky Pot is multiplied by a multiplier of a car leading at the Check Point or at the Finish after 100 Spin.