Ginger Bells Slots

After the release of the Loving Hearts I refused to deal with Calendar Events projects any more. But as winter came by I gave in to holiday spirit and decided to release winter holidays slots. I looked through an impressive number of Christmas / New Year slots and decided to create something unique and different form a set of Christmas trees and snowflakes. So I have chosen the ginger breads theme. The name of the slots was based on the wordplay. I ordered two "Jingle Bells" song arrangements for the Background Music as this track is under public domain. Jazz version of "Jingle Bells" sounds as a main theme and Rock version - as an additional theme for the Bonus game.

I hired a developer who wrote a new game engine which would save a considerable amount of time and efforts as I could configure and customize many things by myself with no developer's assistance.

Bonus Game is an arcade where a player has to throw a Christmas gift into a chimney.